Hardening Attitudes & Stinkin Thinkin

Sometimes we can go on for months with a positive attitude and then one thing happens and it sends us into a downward spiral of stinkin thinkin.  Just because things are going great, it doesn’t mean that we don’t have to be just as vigilent at keeping a positive attitude as we would when we’re actually in the midst of a challenging experience.  In fact, we need to daily renew our thinking and start the positive habit of daily introspection/evaluation.

I had a great quote shared with me recently.  The quote is an extremely helpful one that combats stinkin thinkin, by Zig Ziglar.  It comes from his book“See You At The Top”, .  In his book he says, “Most people need a check-up from the neck up to eliminate stinkin thinkin & hardening of the attitudes.”  I know for a fact that I personally need a daily check-up from the neck up to keep a positive attitude.  Just as hardening of the arteries is a serious problem for our heart and body, hardening attitudes are a very serious illness of the mind and will lead to failure, constant defeat, depression, and never allow us to reach our potential, never allow us to get to the top.

People as a rule don’t like going to the doctor even if it is for a beneficial annual check-up.  They can fear a medical check-up because of what they may find out.  We can either stress out about potential or actual health problems or we can be grateful that a regular frequent check up often alerts us to challenges before they become problems.  We can catch problems before they become chronic problems.  It takes getting used to the thought of health maintenance rather than having to treat health problems.

So Zig is right on when he says most people need a check-up from the neck up.  I will go as far as to say that “all people” need a daily check-up from the neck up to eliminate stinkin thinkin.  The check-up needs to go beyond just a singular occurence to actually become a new positive habit of ours in order for us to eliminate stinkin thinkin.  Hardening of the attitudes happens over time, not just from efffects of a singular event.  So how can we combat stinkin thinkin and hardening attitudes?  To start on your 3 month, weekly journey in changing your stinkin thinkin to positive life changes, get registered to participate in a weekly support group, the Positive Life Changes Group

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